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Abigail and her pups were rescued by ARME from a central California shelter. They were all very sick, but the 5 surviving pups and mom and thriving now with us, and we are doing everything we can to help them get strong and healthy. please contact us here for more details and how to meet this special dog!


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Here are are some of our wonderful success. So many amazing animals now in happy homes!


ADOPTED! Artica was abandoned in a home with other dogs and was lucky to make it out alive. She then ended up at the high kill South Los Angeles shelter. She was so distressed she attempted to escape through a drain! We heard about her and got her out on her last living day. Artica is beautiful, loving and playful.She has glaucoma in one eye which is why one eye is larger but it causes her no pain. She is blind in that eye but otherwise sees just fine! She would love a home where there is another playful dog.


ADOPTED! Sally was abandoned by her people after years of being a part of the family. While this was so sad, she is thriving in her foster home and would love a home to call her own. She is a mature girl and can adapt to any household, but quieter households may be better for her. She loves her walks and snuggles.



ADOPTED! Franklyn is an adorable 1 1/2 year old who loves to play and give love! He is wonderful with other dogs and even cats! He loves people and would be great in a home with another playful dog and active people. He is completely house-trained.


ADOPTED! Luigi is an adorable, sweet, little guy, about 15 pounds, full of love, completely trained and obedient. Loves people, all animals!


ADOPTED! This little angel was rescued after being left in a box with her littermates at just 2 weeks old! We did not think they would survive but after a few weeks now of bottle feeding and nursing, they are eating on their own and ready for adoption. Matilda is a GORGEOUS 11 -Week old Husky -mix puppy. She would do great in a home with another dog or cat. She has one brown eye and one blue eye. A unique beauty !

Blue bell

Blue bell

ADOPTED! Blue Bell is a doll and full of personality! Initially rescued from the streets by a homeless man, she received lots of love and had constant companionship. While this gentleman was devoted to Blue Bell he couldn't care for her for very long. She is an adventurous girl and loves people more than any yummy snack! She is currently receiving professional obedience training and is a quick study. She likes to show off her manners and is always happy. Blue Bell LOVES belly-rubs, soft pillows and car rides.


ADOPTED! Polly was about to be killed at the shelter. She was found as a stray and has multiple fractures in her pelvis, public bone and femur and has no use of her back left leg. She is also blind in one eye. We rescued her on 5/28 and took her to an orthopedic specialist.



ADOPTED! Heather and Lillian were rescued from a research laboratory in California where they were used for contact lens testing. They are only 4 months old as of May 2, 2013.


ADOPTED! Gideon is only 8 months old and was abandoned by his former people when they lost their home. He is not only beautiful, but a gentle, sweet, old soul. He is fully trained, loves other animals, including cats, and would make an excellent companion for anyone.

ADOPTED! These adorable young pups were rescued by ARME and as of March 20th, 2013 they were 9 weeks old!


Wilma is definitely a "people-dog" - she LOVES attention from people but also enjoys playing with her sisters.


Betty: Betty is sweet, loving and very intelligent.


Pebbles: Pebbles is quiet and sweet and needs a home that will be very active and social with her so that she can become more confident.


ADOPTED! Penny is a little love-bug! We rescued her when she was a few days old and bottle fed her. Now she is a strong big 4 month old girl who is looking for her forever home. She loves other dogs so she needs a place with at least one other playful dog. She is great with all people and children as well as cats! She's the perfect dog!


ADOPTED! Booker is one of the most amazing dogs we have ever met! Although he has clearly been mis-treated (he is missing his top front teeth), he is a total love bug! Don't let his large size fool you, he thinks he's a lap dog, play with puppies and happily romps around keeping himself entertained. If ever there was a deserving dog in need, it's this big lug!


ADOPTED! Pepper is about 4 years old, house-trained, and full of love and affection! She deserves the home she has always dreamt of, and she will be loyal and an easy addition!



ADOPTED! Maggie is about 1-2 years old and a total sweetie. She loves other dogs, children, playing and cuddling. She even lets cats eat out of the bowl with her! A gentle soul, she is fragile and shy at first, but after a few moments, will arm your heart.


ADOPTED! 6 Baby puppies. When we got a call that a momma was hit by a car and killed, leaving orphaned pups, we jumped in to save them. They were only a few days old and and to be bottle fed. They are now 6 weeks old and will be ready for adoption in a few weeks. However, we are taking pre-adoption applications for them now. There are six babies, 5 boys and 1 girl. They have been with people and animals since we have had them, so they will be the perfect little dogs.


ADOPTED! We rescued Scarlet through our Beagle Freedom Project. She has been in a laboratory being tested in her whole life and she had puppies we rescued as well. Scarlet is petite and sweet and loves the babies. She is quiet but enjoys occasional play time.


ADOPTED! Farrah - abandoned baby duck. We saved her and found a great, loving home with a pond!

Moo Cow

ADOPTED! We rescued Moo Cow from a hoarder.


ADOPTED! Muppet was rescued though our Beagle Freedom Project. He is one of our Spanish 40 rescued from a laboratory in Spain. Even though he spent his entire life in a cage, Muppet is a sweet, loving, adorable boy, who enjoys the company of other calm dogs, CALM people, massages, treats, walks and love. Muppet has adjusted very well to free life! He is also already house-trained!

Pepper Banzai Teena Wolf
Perry Moo Cow

ADOPTED! We rescued Pepper and her pups from a hoarder. They are all doing extremely well now under new loving care.


ADOPTED! Poor little Lela has had a rough start in her 8 short weeks on earth, but that doesn't stop her from loving as much as she can. She's a sweet little girl with a strong spirit! She loves people and other dogs, but mostly people.


ADOPTED! Beautiful and elegant Ivy was found in a bush after having just given birth to 8 kittens. Romeo is one of Ivy's beautiful boys. He loves to love and pushes his face against yours. Lay down next to him and he will be crawling all over you and playing in no time! The second you see him, you will fall in love. He is 8 weeks old as of April 28th.


ADOPTED! Beautiful and elegant Ivy was found in a bush after having just given birth to 8 kittens. The people in the neighborhood said that Ivy had given birth a couple other times and her poor kittens had passed away - all being hit by cars, etc. Luckily, Ivy is so sweet, she let us pick her and her babies right up and take them to safety. Ivy is the most loving and sweetest cat, and also a very good mother! Ivy loves to give and get love. her favorite thing to do is caress


ADOPTED! Boots is Cha Cha's son and is only 8 weeks old as of 4/21/12. Once you meet Boots you wont believe your eyes. He is a little ball of fuzz. He hops around all day happy as can be. Loves being held and gives little kisses. He plays with all dogs no matter what size. He will be a great companion and even better cuddlier!


ADOPTED! Stash was one of Ivy's beautiful boys. He is beautiful and hilarious. He loves to climb and play, and most of all.... eat!


ADOPTED! Bunny was rescued from a horrible situation, when she is only 6 weeks old! she is a VERY sweet Pitbull mix and will be a wonderful companion. She is very loving and playful.

Mini and Baxter

Mini and Baxter

ADOPTED! Mini & Baxter were found in a box on the side of the freeway with no mommy and were still needing milk. We bottle fed them and got them healthy and now they are ready for their forever homes. After such a rough start, they need all the love you can give! They can be adopted separately or together. Mini is a girl and Baxter is a boy. They are about 7 weeks old.


ADOPTED! Sophie - We rescued Sophie when she was left in a box with her litter mates without their mother, in the freezing cold at just 2 weeks old! When we got the call that they would have to be euthanized because they were too young to survive at the shelter, we did not hesitate to take them! All 10 of them. They are all doing fabulously! Sophie has been adopted by Jennifer Aniston!


ADOPTED! Rudolph is one of Sophie's brothers and has been adopted to wonderful animal advocates who pamper and adore him! He is very sweet and LOVES people! You might see him hiking in Runyan Canyon!


ADOPTED! Sadie is an 11 week old pup, one of 10 that we rescued when they were left abandoned at 3 weeks of age in a box with no mother. Sadie is the smallest of the litter. She is very gentle and very sweet. She loves to be held and left in your arms. Her brothers Rudolph and Bailey were adopted too!


ADOPTED! Bailey is an 11 week old pup, one of 10 that we rescued when they were left abandoned at 3 weeks of age in a box with no mother. He is very sweet and is also mellow and loving. He would do well in a quieter home with another dog. He and his brother and sister Sadie and Rudolph need a home, too!


ADOPTED! Tinkerbell is a beautiful, six month old female, spayed, pure bred Boxer. She is extremely sweet and loving despite the neglect she suffered before she arrived in our arms. She needed an active home, as she loves to run and hike. She would also enjoy a playmate.



ADOPTED! Allie had 10 puppies! Phew! Here are two of them. They are all adorable and about 5 weeks old. 3 girls and 7 boys all black and white with different markings.


ADOPTED! We rescued Soldier from running through traffic and almost getting killed. He was filthy and emaciated. When we scanned him, he had a chip, and the person he was chipped to said he did not want him. Luckily after a couple of months, Soldier met his perfect human and now lives a wonderful life hiking, playing, and cuddling!


ADOPTED! This is Hayden!! He was found in an alley abandoned with his mother and 9 other siblings. We got them healthy and found for them their forever homes! Hayden was 7 weeks old and a total mush of love!


ADOPTED! TJ is a super sweet, affectionate guy that could easily be called Velcro. He likes to follow you from room to room and is very sensitive; he loves being around his people. Like most Staffie's, he's quick to learn the rules. Very food motivated will make training this boy easy as pie. So far, he's learned wait, look at me, and shake in just a few meal time exchanges. He's a bit oddly bouncy when he's happy or hungry and eager to get your attention, but he bounces more like a hippity hoppy bunny than a dog; one of his endearing traits.


ADOPTED! This is Edgrr!! He was found in an alley abandoned with his mother and 9 other siblings. We got him in a forever home! Edgrr was 7 weeks old and a small, playful boy!


ADOPTED! Lovely Sia, a 7 month youn black lab/pit mix was rescued as a stray, has a little demotectic mange (not contagious) which she is being treated for but otherwise has a clean bill of health. She's never met a person she doesn't love, is a joy and will assault you with kisses and cuddles as soon as you meet her. She is naturally obsessed with balls and will chase a ball, dodge or jump any obstacle with athletic prowess.






ADOPTED!Allie, Lovely, quiet and sweet, Allie was dumped with her 10 nursing babies in a filthy alley in a bad neighborhood. Luckily someone found her and we took her in.

Her pups are now weaned and getting ready for adoption and mom is ready for adoption.

She is the sweetest little lady we have ever met. Full of lots of love to give, she must have forgotten how horribly abused she had been.

This manifests when she cowers and crawls when she sees people, but her love cannot stop her from crawling TO the person for kisses and cuddles.


ADOPTED! Meet Redding! She is an adorable shar-pei and american staffordshire terrier mix female puppy. She is approximately 3 months old. She is a little ball of wrinkles and love! She was rescued from a back yard breeder who left her outside with no shelter, attention, or care. Little Redding wants nothing more than to love and be loved. She is very affectionate and is so grateful to be close to any person she meets. She is current on her shots and is doing very well at being potty trained. She loves other dogs and is even good with cats.


ADOPTED! Milo was rescued off the streets where he was being sold to some street thugs for what we think was dog fighting. Thank goodness he was taken from them and into loving arms.


Penelope was abandoned and abused in downtown Los Angeles with nowhere to go. She was found hanging around some warehouses and in need of some serious TLC. Luckily, we were able to rescue her and get her the care she needed. She is an absolute sweetheart and just wants to please everyone. After a few weeks, her foster mom fell in LOVE and adopted her! We are so thrilled for this angel!


Nugget was found thrown away in a dumpster at just a few days old. We were able to get some food into him before he passed away from shock and get him healthy and happy.
One of our good friends and volunteers was helping us bottle feed and could not resist him and adopted him. He has a great life with them and a kitty older brother, too. Thanks Paula & Stacey!

Sophia and Sasha

We rescued sisters SOPHIA and SASHA at the Devore pound just as they were going to be killed. They were both extremely ill from being at the pound, and almost died, but we nursed them back to health and found a wonderful home where they were adopted TOGETHER!


We rescued Oreo the day he was scheduled to be killed from a pound in Los Angeles. His wonderful foster family helped him out of his shell and he was adopted to a wonderful family shortly thereafter. How now lives will another Pittie!

Daisy Mae

After a horrible life of neglect, ARME rescued Daisy Mae and adopted her to an amazing home! Here she is with her new family.


Taylor was being dragged into the South L.A. pound to be another statistic when we got him just in time! He was just a baby - about 9 weeks old. Taylor now has an amazing home in Calabasas on acres of land with several other doggie friends and a pool that he loves!


Luigi was picked up as a stray on the streets of L.A. by the pound. He spent THREE MONTHS in the pound until someone got him out. The people who adopted him decided they no longer wanted him, so we took him in. We don't know why nobody would want him - he is adorable, loving, loyal, intelligent, sweet and a major cuddler! After months and months, we finally found Luigi's forever home in Michigan with a great woman. The two of them are inseparable and living a wonderful bonded life. Luigi's story is one of perseverance, dedication and love and proves you can never give up!


HANK was found abandoned in a residential neighborhood. Very sweet and mellow, it was obvious Hank had, at one time, been cared for, however, now he was lonely, alone and hungry. ARME rescued him and found him a forever loving home with a young girl who has photos of Hank all over her room and has Hank send out an invite for Easter!


Handsome Jackson was rescued by ARME just before his death at the South Los Angeles pound. After his wonderful foster mom had him for several months she could not think of him in another home and adopted him! Jackson is so lucky to live with her and his other feline and canine friends!


Pinky was rescued from a negligent person "giving her away." She was only 7 weeks old and spent the first two nights crying for her mother. Luckily, she began to adjust because her foster parents, two other dogs (big ones!), kept her company and spoiled her. Pinky is now in a wonderful home with two other Chihuahuas her size.


Dallas came to us infested with fleas and full of worms. She and her brother were brought to us when we heard that they were the victims of some backyard breeding and that the people were neglecting them. Dallas, only 8 weeks old, was thrilled to have her medical "situation" taken care of and soon turned into a mischievous little pup! She is now in a loving home with her best friend, a 12 year old girl....


Darla (originally Karma) was being dumped at the South L.A. pound with her sister Jezebel, when ARME volunteers intervened. She was sure to be killed, being an adult female pit at South L.A. But with some time and patience, she was adopted by an AMAZING family in San Diego. She spends her new vegan lifestyle doing sports with her parents and playing with new friends, sporting different colored bandanas to match the day!


Jez came from horrible beginnings with her sister Karma (pictured above), but that doesn't stop her from wanting to give and get as much love as possible. Darla (originally Karma) was being dumped at the South L.A. pound with her sister Darla (pictured above)l, when ARME volunteers intervened. She was sure to be killed, being an adult female pit at South L.A. But now she has found her human partner for life.


Little Sydney was rescued by ARME just before her death at the South Los Angeles pound. He has been adopted into a home with another cat who adopted him as her own kitten....


Turtle was found being kicked around like a soccer ball by children on a school yard. Her ears had been horribly mutilated and were still bleeding. Luckily ARME saved her and found her a beautiful forever home!


Pepper was taken by fellow rescuers from a neglect situation and ARME took her in. She was adopted quickly (just look at her!) and now lives with her big brother, Bowie (the big boy).


Olive was abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles and was very sick. Luckily, someone brought her to ARME where we got her a wonderful home! She lives with 3 other kittens and is spoiled as can be. Her name has aptly been changed to "Princess."


Lalla was brought to ARME by some youngsters who found her in the streets. After some TLC, Lalla found a wonderful new home where she entertains the family by playing the piano!

Elton and Gene

Elton and Gene came from a sickly feral cat colony and were so bonded, we couldn't bare to separate them, so we didn't! They found a lovely home by the beach with other furry friends and a wonderful mom, living the good life!


Norton was rescued by ARME from the West Valley pound when ARME heard that he had been adopted and returned and was about to be killed. When we picked him up, he appeared very ill. It turned out he was diabetic AND blind, not to mention in his golden years. Norton now lives in a wonderful home with other seniors where he gets his daily doses of insulin and cuddles with the other pups who help guide him.


Sydney was a sick pup from South L.A. After some medical care, Sydney got adopted into a great home with! Here she is with her human brother!


Samantha was rescued by ARME from the pound when she was a mere few weeks old. She was adopted and then returned to us a year and a half later. When her human dumped her, she sat by the door and cried for 2 days. However, after that, she and ARME's other dog, Chula, bonded so well, Sammy is now a permanent resident of the ARME household.


Oliver was abandoned in a box with the rest of his litter right after he was born. We got him when he was 3 days old, umbilical cord still bleeding and ready to be killed by the pound where he was left. We took him and his brother, but his brother passed that first night..... Ollie made it, and after constant bottle feeding every 2 hours for several weeks, he was in the safe zone. Ollie is also a permanent member of the ARME household. Samantha Jones (above) is his best friend.


Lola was rescued from South L.A. and adopted into an amazing home! Here she is with her buddy at the beach.


Bella was rescued from South L.A. along with her sister Lola (above). She had some rough beginnings, but is now a member of a wonderful household in Northern California with a kitty friend, lots of canine foster friends, and human kids and adults to spoil her.


Charlie was rescued after he was dumped at the pound, ARME got him out and into a loving home where he frequently visits the beach with his best bud, Bengal.


Oscar was rescued from the West Valley pound by ARME. He was a four week old feral kitten destined for death when ARME took him in. He is now in a wonderful home with other kittens.


Sadie was rescued by ARME off of death row at the South L.A. pound. She has now been adopted into a wonderful loving home! Here she is with her new family.

Rufus Lee

We rescued Rufus Lee from the East Valley pound. He had been adopted and returned twice from there. He was about to be killed but the General Manager at the time begged me to take him. So we did. Rufus was an older gentleman who shared he protective yet charismatic nature with us for a little over a year. We tried to adopt him, but he did not want to leave us. Unfortunately, God took him shortly thereafter. Turns out Rufus was struggling with stomach cancer. We miss him dearly...

Lucy and Mako

Lucy & Mako were rescued from the South L.A. pound when we were there getting other dogs out. We saw Lucy and Mako crouched together in a corner being beaten up by other dogs. They were so pathetic looking, so scared, and obviously seniors. When we asked, we were told their owner died and someone brought them in. Their time was up and they were going to be killed that day. We took them out and they lived out their lives with us. We miss them very much....


“Cabo” was dumped at the South Central pound without a mom, having just been born. ARME got the call so, of course, we took him in! We bottle fed him and a surrogate mom named Chula made sure he had plenty of TLC! As soon as he was ready, he was adopted into a wonderful, loving home. He now shares his life with another doggie and great mom! He can be seen with his great mom, Jane Velez-Mitchell occasionally on CNN!


Abby and her seven nursing pups were destined for death at the East Valley pound. With enough donations we were able to get them all out of there and into a safe, warm home. Once weaned, all of the pups were placed in loving homes. Abby lives with the family that first fostered her and her pups.


Bella was rescued from the pound just as she was about to be killed. A kind shelter employee caught us and asked if we would take her because she was on the kill table, labeled "vicious", but the employee knew she wasn't. We took her right away. Little Bella was the opposite of vicious! Scared and starved for attention, she cowered every time we came near her, but her little tail wagged. She was adopted into a loving home and lives like the princess she is!


We found Chula pregnant, emaciated and unable to stand in a cage filled with five other dogs at the pound. When we asked about her chances, we were told she would be "euthanized" that night because she was going to give birth the next day and the pound will not allow birth to take place on the premises. Of course we filled out adoption papers immediately and to our surprise, we were told that she would be taken the following morning for an abortion and spaying. When we asked how they could abort puppies that were due the following day, they replied, "That's our policy." The following morning we waited outside the veterinary office until they opened. As it turned out, Chula was too ill to undergo anesthesia. We took her home and the next day she gave birth to 11 healthy puppies. All the puppies were placed in wonderful homes and Chula is a permanent member of the ARME household. She has been an amazing surrogate mom over the years to many abandoned puppies.


Oh Sammy! What a face! Rescued from the pound, Sammy was hard to part with - a ball of love and energy - but we knew someone would give him a great home, and they have! Sammy lives on an acre of land where he spends days with his family running the property and working with them.

Mikey & Sidecar

We thought it would be hard to adopt these two characters together, but we couldn't separate them. But....Mikey and Sidecar were adopted together and are living in the lap of luxury in a wonderful home in beautiful Northern California!

Lucas & Shayna

ARME got a call from a woman who found Lucas & Shayna in the street. They were obviously related and would not be separated. Their great foster mom adopted them and they are living the good life, taking hikes every day and beach trips on the weekends.


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